I’m such a cock teaser…

Come on big boy… What are you waiting for, I want to show you a good time in my furs… My pussy gets destroyed I hope you like it. 💦💦💦

It all begins with a fury stroke of the D…

It all begins with a fury stroke of the D…. The rest… Well you can simply see for yourself. We fuck in furs… We fuck on top of furs… we fuck All THE TIME… but this time, I’m taking the ropes and I will show you a good time hunny but I want you to […]

I wanted his cock and more

There’s nothing better than getting fucked hard in furs and being surrounded by them, its just turns me on and once I want the D there’s nothing that going to stop me!

I gave my man what he needed

Tease me make me wet rub these gorgeous silky furs up and down my body… I’ll pleasure you if you pleasure me?” all I’m after is a little furry fun…

He wanted to fuck me over my furs!

Do you please your man like I please mine? Surrounded in soft silky furs, giving him the fuck me eyes after he has had a long day at work. Once that silky fur rubs against my clit I want more! and my stud is well overdue an empty…

Mistress is so tired yet sooooo ready for some fun!

Does my pussy look good in these furs babe? its been such a long day and now I’m ready for some fun, these furs just make me want to cum all over the bed… mmmm my pussy is so tight yet so sweet… I can’t help myself, they just make me feel amazing! Will you […]

I have a beautiful coat I’d like to show you

I’ve been waiting for you darling, I’m going to make you cum in minutes, these furs are making me so wet and horny, I don’t know how I would get through my day without the touch of the silky furs stroking my pussy. Ps how do I look in pink do you think I show […]